Homeschool Elective: Character and Skills for Home and Career

Homeschool Elective : Character and Skills for Home and Career

I’ve discovered that it can be incredibly difficult to find quality curriculum choices for my teens who prefer a textbook-based approach to learning. Anyone else have the same problem?

My eighth grade son, Keaton, recently began using a new-to-us elective course from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. I’m thrilled that the course has been a good fit for his learning style!

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About Character and Skills for Home and Career

Character and Skills for Home and Career is a high school elective course from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. Using a series of stories about teens learning various real-life skills, the course teaches students how to perform basic car repairs, use common tools, and perform home maintenance tasks.

In addition to teaching valuable skills, the course also emphasizes character traits that are important for everyone to practice. These “life principles” are interspersed throughout the text and also incorporated into the story line.

The Character and Skills for Home and Career course consists of 5 chapters, each made up of a text booklet and an activity booklet. I was especially pleased with how interesting and readable the text is–in fact, I caught my 17-year-old son reading it in his free time! That’s a real win in my book.

Homeschool Elective from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

The written activities are clear and straight-forward, but at the same time they are quite challenging. In addition, there are optional hands-on projects to allow the student to actually use the tools and practice the skills that are covered in the text.

Quizzes are included for every 5 lessons, with a test at the end of each chapter (15 lessons). The Teacher’s Resource Kit also includes answers for all written activities, quizzes, and tests.

Why We Love Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum

1. Print and digital versions

Keaton is primarily using the printed booklets, but he has also used the digital version. The digital version offers text-to-speech capabilities, a tremendous benefit for auditory learners or struggling readers.

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum digital curriculum

2. Designed for independent learning

Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is perfectly designed for independent learning. The text is divided into lessons which lend themselves well to daily assignments. In addition, students are able to correct the activity pages on their own–a huge plus when homeschooling a large family!

3. Interesting, easy-to-read text

Because I have had a child who struggled to comprehend complicated texts, I really appreciate the conversational tone of this course. It is both easy to read AND easy to understand. Five stars for being user-friendly!

4. Compact and portable

Having our children home 24/7 means that we take them with us everywhere: to the dentist, to the vet, to the grocery store, to the driver’s license center. That means that sometimes car schooling has to happen.

These compact course booklets are super easy to take along–no heavy textbooks to lug or stow under the seat. Busy moms will definitely appreciate this!

PAC Character and Skills for Home and Career

Coming soon! Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum is in the process of incorporating QR codes into all of their courses, which will allow students to access extra content via smartphone. This feature is currently only available in the biology course.

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