Fun History Board Game for Families

Learn more about historical figures and events with this fun history board game that the whole family will enjoy.

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As we’ve probably all experienced at one time or another, it can be challenging to get our kids excited about learning history.

Thankfully there are some great options for bringing history to life for our kids, like our family’s favorite literature-based history curriculum. You just can’t go wrong with living books.

I recently discovered another fun option for making history exciting–a new board game that is just the right mix of fun, strategy, and historical facts.

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Fun History Board Game for Families

Trekking Through History is a brand new strategy game from Underdog Games that allows players to “travel through time” to visit some of the greatest moments in history.

The game is designed for two to four players, ages 10 and up. I estimate that the average game time is under an hour. Thankfully it doesn’t drag on forever like some board games seem to do. (We all know how long a game of Monopoly can take, right?)

The basic premise of the game is time traveling through all of history over a period of three “days,” or rounds of the game.

Each player in turn choose a history card from the pile, moving their “pocket watch” around the clock according the number of hours shown on the card.

Cards are laid out in front of each player to form a “Trek”—a collection of cards in chronological order by date. The longer a player’s Trek, the more points he or she earns.

A round ends when all the players have made it around the clock. Three rounds equals three days, and the game ends.

That’s obviously an oversimplification of the game, because you’ll also need to learn to use crystals, ancestor cards, and itineraries to your advantage. But the good news is that playing Trekking Through History is not nearly as complicated as it may sound!

Image of girls hand moving playing pieces on a game board

Why We Like Trekking Through History Board Game

Fun Way to Learn About History

Trekking Through History features 108 of the most fascinating historical events from around the world, but the information about each event fits on the back of a playing card. This keeps the game fast-paced and fun without feeling like learning at all.

The historical information on the event cards is just enough to spark discussion and maybe even encourage kids to learn more on their own. It’s truly painless learning!

While I do love history, I honestly don’t enjoy playing most games—I typically avoid games whenever possible. However, I genuinely enjoy playing Trekking Through History with my daughter. Yay!

Easy to Learn to Play

All the cards and game pieces can feel a little intimidating at first, but Underdog Games has made the game really easy to play. They provide excellent instructions and pictures to show exactly what to do.

The game is much easier to set up than what I thought at first glance. And even though I consider myself game-challenged, I was pleasantly surprised to be able to grasp the rules of the game and start playing right away.

Superbly Designed Materials

I am extremely impressed with the quality of the Trekking Through History game. The game board is actually a foam-backed mat that won’t fall apart like a typical game board eventually does.

The game box is extremely well designed with a place for everything. The entire game stores away neatly with everything in it’s place. Even the tokens and crystals stay sorted, thanks to a tight-fitting lid on the storage tray.

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Get Your Trekking Through History Board Game

Ready to learn history the fun way? Get your own Trekking Through History board game today!

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