Eddie the Electron: Elementary Science Reader

Eddie the Electron: Elementary Science Reader

Over the years I’ve discovered that simplification is the key to homeschooling a larger family. One way I streamline things is by teaching only math and phonics in the early grades (K-2).

However, it’s vitally important to be introducing history and science to younger learners, even if those subjects aren’t formally taught. We do this by incorporating read-aloud time, focusing on key topics that will build a foundation for further learning.

It’s a cinch to find books that focus on history, especially American history. Biographies, autobiographies, and historical fiction are available for all ages.

I’ve found it a bit more challenging, though, to find books that will help to introduce scientific facts and concepts to younger children in an enjoyable way.

You, too? Then I know you’ll want to learn more about a wonderful children’s science book I’ve found: Eddie the Electron.

Eddie the Electron - a fun and engaging science book for kids!

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Eddie the Electron: Elementary Science Reader

Eddie the Electron is an elementary science reader that teaches some basic chemistry concepts in a fun and engaging way. This is NOT a dry science textbook – it’s an easily readable story laced with humor and fun illustrations.

Eddie is a tiny, fun-loving electron who lives on a helium atom. He is tired of being stuck with his boring fellow electron, Erwin. The helium balloon where Eddie lives is confining and he longs for adventure.

Eddie the Electron: Elementary Science Reader

As Eddie explains his predicament, he incorporates natural mentions of his nucleus, protons, and more. Kids quickly learn that since Eddie’s nucleus has only two protons, it can only have two electrons as well–that would be Eddie and his not-so-fun friend, Erwin.

Eddie begs for help in popping the helium balloon so he can escape and find adventure. Along the way he teaches about other basic chemistry concepts, comparing them to real-life things that children easily understand.

My seven-year-old, Weston, really enjoyed Eddie the Electron. I loved seeing him so engrossed in the story line! He didn’t even realize that he was learning science.

Nothing about this book is suggestive of boring schoolwork, quizzes, or rote memorization. Instead it fosters natural learning that a parent and child can enjoy together–and that makes it a win in my book!

Eddie the Electron - an early science reader for kids!

About Melissa Rooney, Author of Eddie the Electron

Melissa Rooney earned her Ph.D. in chemistry, but several years later decided she didn’t want to pursue a career in chemistry. Because of her love for children’s books, she decided to use her knowledge to write her own children’s book, Eddie the Electron.

Melissa says, “I am confident that, by presenting these scientific concepts to children at an early age, Eddie would increase the likelihood that they would be comfortable and interested in such ‘complicated’ ideas.”

Check out this elementary science reader - a great way to teach some basic chemistry concepts!

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