Adventurous Mailbox: Cultural Education Subscription for Kids

Adventurous Mailbox: Cultural Education Subscription for Kids

As a busy homeschool mom of eight, I don’t have much spare time to pack everyone up and go shopping for crafts, supplies, or or other learning materials for my kiddos.

That’s why I love having educational activities delivered right to my mailbox. Anything that saves me time and hassle while encouraging my kids to learn is a win in my book.

Our most recent discovery was a cultural subscription box from The Adventurous Mailbox.

I received this product for free and was compensated for my time. All thoughts and opinions are my own. I was not required to post a positive review. See our Disclosure Policy for more information.

Adventurous Mailbox: Cultural Education Subscription for Kids

The Adventurous Mailbox is an exciting subscription box designed to help kids ages 8-12 learn more about other cultures. While geography can seem like a boring subject to this age group, The Adventurous Mailbox makes sure that it’s NOT.

The experience begins with a mysterious-looking box shipped from Taiwan. (I’m pretty certain this is the first mail Collin has ever received from a foreign country–that is exciting in itself!)

Cultural Education Subscription Box for Kids

The inside of the box is equally intriguing and exudes an air of adventure. And what child wouldn’t love to receive a letter personalized with his name? Cool stuff!

Cultural Education Subscription for Kids

Exciting Adventure Stories

The Adventurous Mailbox Adventurer Package contains a series of mystery books written like a letter from the main character, 12-year-old Crameye Junker. Each of the eight books features a different country: Finland, Peru, Taiwan, and more.

In each book Crameye interacts with the people and culture of the country he is visiting, providing a natural learning experience for the reader.

The books are both humorous and engaging. I admit I was a bit surprised at some of the humor (why are kids so amused by burping, anyway?), but it’s nothing new to our family. We have FIVE boys . . . enough said.

Personalized letter with secret code for Crameye's World

Collin is 12 years old and an avid reader, so he did the reading on his own. As the mystery in the first book drew near to close, I heard him mutter, “I still don’t get it.”

A minute later, his face lit up and he exclaimed, “I get it now! I never even noticed!”

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll let you read it for yourself. 🙂

Reading adventure stories from The Adventurous Mailbox

And there’s more to come! The Adventurous Mailbox plans to release Series 2 later this year, with three more series to follow. I was excited to hear that ebook versions will soon be available as well!

Crameye’s World

After reading through the books, kids can use a secret code (more adventure!) to access Crameye’s World, a safe online place to learn more about other cultures.

Crameye’s world includes some neat features that are both educational and fun:

  • Blogs by Crameye and other characters from the books, where they share details of their travels
  • Games and jokes
  • Recordings of music and language from different cultures
  • A forum (password protected and monitored for safety)
Crameye's World

The Teacher’s Lounge

The Teacher’s Lounge is available as an add-on to the Adventurer Package for only $20. With hundreds of printable workbook pages and teacher’s guides, the Teacher’s Lounge is a valuable tool for enhancing your child’s cultural learning.

Workbook pages are available for vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing assignments, critical thinking, and more. By adding these resources to the books and online experiences, you can actually turn this subscription into a full-fledged unit study!

Psst! Look below to find a fabulous coupon code that will allow you to add on access to the Teacher’s Lounge for FREE!

The Adventurous Mailbox Series 1

Adventurous Mailbox: Great Educational Gift!

The Adventurous Mailbox Adventurer Package includes eight books plus access to Crameye’s World online for $79 (including shipping). Check out the fun add-ons, too!

Special offer!

From now until June 30, 2015, you can use coupon code HSadventure to receive $10 off the Adventurer Package and FREE access to the Teacher’s Lounge with hundreds of lessons!

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  1. Chelsea I says:

    Thank you for sharing! I have a 6 year old so I will definitely check this when she turns 8! For now I’m subscribed to CubbyCase for educational products and loved it!

    Definitely checking out more subscription boxes in the meantime 😀