Biblical Worldview Homeschool Curriculum

Biblical Worldview Homeschool Curriculum

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I typically spend most of the summer planning, organizing, and preparing for the upcoming homeschool year. As this past summer flew by, I found myself searching desperately for the last few resources we needed, among them a Bible curriculum for my 12-year-old son, Keaton.

I finally resigned myself to the fact that there was nothing suitable for Keaton’s age range and learning style, and opted to have him just read the Bible daily instead. However, shortly after the school year began, I discovered the What We Believe series from Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc.

Biblical Worldview Homeschool Curriculum from Apologia

Apologia’s What We Believe series is a complete curriculum for teaching a Biblical worldview to your children ages 6-14. The series consists of four separate volumes:

  1. Who Is God?
  2. Who Am I?
  3. Who Is My Neighbor?
  4. What on Earth Can I Do?

Each volume in the series has a textbook, notebooking journal, coloring book, and audio CD available. Each component can be purchased separately. Samples are available for each textbook, notebooking journal and coloring book, too!

What We Believe Series from Apologia

Who Is My Neighbor? – What We Believe, Vol. III

Keaton has been using the third volume of the What We Believe series. Entitled Who Is My Neighbor?, this volume encourages a Christ-like servant’s heart while covering topics such as:

  • God created me to be a blessing to the world.
  • God chooses to work through me.
  • I can make a difference at home, in my community, and at church.
  • The church is one body with many gifts.
  • I am an important member of the body of Christ.
Who Is My Neighbor -worldview curriculum from Apologia

Keaton is using only the textbook and the notebooking journal. I must say that this curriculum is a fascinating way to study the Bible and its application to our daily lives!

The Textbook

The textbook is a beautiful hardback book with dozens of beautiful pictures and illustrations. The format is kid-friendly and engaging, and the content is absolutely captivating.

Apologia's What We Believe Series

Each chapter contains a short story, thought-provoking questions, vocabulary words, and Scripture memorization. Each chapter also highlights a godly character trait and ways that students can apply it to their own lives.

Biblical worldview homeschool curriculum

Next, an “Encounter with Jesus” shares a story adapted from Scripture and personalized to make it meaningful. Discussion questions help students consider how they could follow Jesus’ example in their own lives.

What We Believe Homeschool Curriculum

I can easily visualize this book becoming a favorite bedtime story book with a spiritual emphasis that would provide immeasurable benefits for the entire family.

The Notebooking Journal

The notebooking journal far surpassed my expectations. I think I was expecting a black-and-white lined notebook with a few questions or writing prompts. But its so much better than that!

The spiral-bound notebook is packed full of fun learning activities: crossword puzzles, word searches, pages to record definitions of vocabulary words, and much, much more!

What We Believe notebooking journal

The pages are colorful and detailed; many of them have beautiful background photos that add depth to the page.

Worldview curriculum - notebooking journal

Some pages contain questions about the stories shared in the textbook. Other pages have space to copy the Scripture memory work for the lesson. Still others have plenty of space for children to write their own prayers, praises, and personal thoughts.

Notebooking journal

The notebooking journal is far more than just another workbook. It will undoubtedly become a valued keepsake after the volume is completed.

Why I Love Apologia’s Biblical Worldview Homeschool Curriculum

1. Simplified approach to learning

I really appreciate the simple, straight-forward approach of this curriculum. There are no long, involved processes to work through. There is virtually NO teacher preparation required before the lesson–and there isn’t even a separate teacher’s manual!

It’s really as simple as this: Open the text and begin reading. Follow up by discussing the issues covered in the day’s reading. Have the student complete the appropriate notebooking pages, and you’re done!

What We Believe worldview curriculum

2. Multi-level curriculum

While I only have one child using the What We Believe series this year, I love that I have the option of using it with multiple ages in the future. Teaching more than one child at a time is vital in a large-family homeschool!

3. Adaptable for various learning styles

Apologia’s worldview curriculum is truly versatile. While the notebooking journal contains numerous hands-on projects (such as making mini-books), my hands-off learner is able to internalize the lesson in his own way: by reading, writing, and answering questions.

And while this series would make a tremendous family read-aloud, Keaton prefers to read alone and work as independently as possible. Because the text is written at around a fifth-grade level, he can easily read and absorb the material on his own.

Notebooking journal from the What We Believe series

Learn More About Apologia’s Worldview Homeschool Curriculum

Interested in learning more? You can read what others think of this series, or check out the list of FAQs.

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  1. We are working through the fourth book this year – we have finished all of the previous books including the notebooks – and I can’t say enough about this series. Every home should have all of the books and read them as a family. When we finish book 4 this year, we will start over with book 1. Great review – I look forward to seeing your family’s growth through them over the years.

  2. I have wanted to get my hands on this for some time now! I’ve heard nothing but awesome things about it! (by the way I think my entry email is different from this one – it kept auto signing me in with my FB account)

    1. Judy Hoch says:

      Marlene, I definitely recommend these books. They far exceeded my expectations!

  3. I can’t wait to see these books! If I don’t win, they’ll be on my must-have list.

  4. We have the first and second books, but are still at the “Good Morning, God” level of world view. I will be starting the first book with my little guy for K next year. They are so good, I know I will learn as much as he does!

  5. Thanks for a chance to win.

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