Atomidoodle: Educational Chemistry Game

Atomidoodle Educational Chemistry Game

Learning the periodic table can be a daunting task. In fact, I have to confess I never advanced beyond a basic understanding of how to use the table for my chemistry assignments in high school.

But what if there were a fun, challenging video game that could eliminate all the boring rote memorization of the elements and their atomic numbers?

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Well, now there is! The Atomidoodle game app from Hero Factor Games uses a fun video game format to help kids actually enjoy learning chemistry.

Atomidoodle Educational Chemistry Game

Created by Tim and Sara Kilpatrick, a husband and wife who both enjoy playing video games, the Atomidoodle app is designed to provide kids with an engaging way to practice their math skills and learn about the periodic table.

What motivated the Kilpatricks to develop Atomidoodle?

“. . . we were also disheartened because so many of the popular games require players to make unhealthy and immoral choices. We believe that ideas matter. When you practice making decisions, even in a video game, those decisions affect who you are and the choices you will make in the future. After we got married, we felt a call from God to make video games that would always have the player exerercising positive decisionmaking.”

Using Atomidoodle to Make Chemistry Fun

Atomidoodle is a fun, fast-paced game app that encourages genuine learning in an entertaining way. Kids increase their math, logic, and science skills without even realizing that they are learning.

And it’s not just kids that enjoy Atomidoodle–parents will love the game, too! I am not a gamer at all, but I have enjoyed playing this game myself. In fact, I’ve been amazed at how much I’ve learned about chemistry: fission, fusion, atomic weights of various elements, and more!

Make chemistry FUN with the Atomidoodle game app!

The goal of each round is to deliver the correct atoms to the examinator. Atoms may need to be divided in the fission widget or combined in the fusion widget in order to get what is being called for. But be careful or the atoms will crash into one another and be destroyed!

As rounds are successfully completed, new elements are unlocked on the interactive periodic table. Tapping on any unlocked element brings up key facts about that element, such as its symbol, family, and number of protons.

Learn about the periodic table with Atomidoodle, an educational game from Hero Factor Games!

Between rounds of the game, a plethora of fun chemistry facts are displayed. These aren’t just dry textbook facts, either–they are interesting and thought-provoking for kids and adults alike.

Learn about chemistry with Atomidoodle, an educational game from Hero Factor Games!

As the game progresses, the speed and difficulty increase. For example, the atomic number of the atoms being requested may not be displayed, requiring the player to recall the atomic number in order to get the correct atom into the examinator.

I consider this a fabulous learning tool for my “hands-off” learners–a practical, visual way to learn more about chemistry without the projects and experiments that they dread.

See Atomidoodle in action:

Get the Atomidoodle Chemistry Game

Want the Atomidoodle app for your kids? It’s super affordable and your family will have hours of learning fun! Get Atomidoodle for iPad (only $1.99) or Android (only $2.00).

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