Apologia Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

You can easily incorporate Biblical teaching into your kids’ daily lives with this no-prep Bible curriculum for homeschool.

Middle school girl in blue shirt writing in notebooking journal

The top priority of every Christian parent is to give their kids a solid spiritual foundation. There is absolutely nothing that is more important.

In fact, the Bible commands us to teach our children the ways of God: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” (Proverbs 22:6)

One way to consistently incorporate Biblical teaching into our kids’ daily lives is through using a homeschool Bible curriculum.

This year my 10-year-old daughter is using the new Apologia Bible curriculum. (If you are familiar with Apologia’s fabulous elementary science curriculum, you’ll have a general idea of what this Bible curriculum is like.)

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Apologia Bible Curriculum for Homeschool

The Word in Motion is a two-volume homeschool Bible curriculum that is designed to help Christian families read and understand the Word of God.

  • The Word in Motion: Old Testament (Volume 1) covers the people, places, events, and books of the Old Testament.
  • The Word in Motion: New Testament (Volume 2) covers the people, places, events, and books of the New Testament.

The goal of The Word in Motion curriculum is to give kids a “big picture” look at the Bible so they can see how all the parts fit together into one story–the story of God’s plan for redemption.


The Word in Motion textbook is a beautiful hardcover book with full-color illustrations. Lessons include a reading passage about the topic, a memory verse, related Bible reading, discussion questions, and—my favorite part—a character sketch about a person from the lesson.

The character sketch is written as a first-person narrative and includes interesting details that are not always commonly known. For example, we learned that Simon Peter and Andrew often fished at night because their nets were less visible to fish in the dark. (Did YOU know that? We didn’t!)

Notebooking Journal

The Word in Motion notebooking journal is conveniently spiral bound, making it easier for students to write in. Kendra absolutely loves the journaling style of the notebook—it is so much more interesting than typical worksheets.

The student journal includes pages for notebooking, coloring, copying memory verses, answering discussion questions, and much more. Kendra especially likes to color the pictures while I read aloud from the textbook.

Middle school girl in blue shirt writing in Bible journal

Streaming Videos

The videos that accompany each lesson are a highlight for my daughter. In fact, it is not uncommon for the other kids to gather around when it is time for her to watch a video.

Videos are brief and to the point, but also engaging for kids. They are not supplemental, but rather teach the first part of each lesson, which is then continued in the textbook.

See sample video lessons for each volume:


The motions are probably Kendra’s favorite part of The Word in Motion. She practices them multiple times a week, and my 7-year-old is learning them right along with her. (I call that a WIN!)

Several new motions are taught in each lesson. By learning these simple motions, students are able to easily recall Biblical events in the order in which they occurred. This is absolutely invaluable in grasping the “big picture” of the Bible.

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Find out how The Word in Motion can help your child learn more about the Bible today!

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