All American History Vol. II: Lessons 13-16

All American History

One of the things my daughter has most enjoyed about All American History is learning more about former presidents. She often stops her reading to comment on a particular president and his greatest accomplishments.

For example, today Kaylee was reading about Calvin Coolidge (L. 18). She stopped and read this fact aloud:  “. . . his administration succeeded in reducing the national debt by about a billion dollars a year during his presidency.” 

If your children aren’t excited to share what they are learning in history with you, you’re missing out! I LOVE learning with my daughter as she reads through her All American History text!

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All American History Vol. II: Lessons 13-16

Lessons 13-16 of All American History Vol. II cover the Progressive Movement and the lifestyle and culture of the Gilded Age.

Lesson 13 – The Progressive Movement

Lesson 13 covers the rise of the Progressive movement, the addition of several new states, and several more U. S. presidents.

All American History worksheet

All American History worksheet

Lesson 14 – Gilded Age Family Life

This lesson discusses details of American family life during the Gilded Age: marriage, children, education, health, and more.

Lesson 15 – Gilded Age Culture: Society, Religion, and Recreation

Lesson 15 presents the new “upper class” and contrasts it with the condition of poor Americans. It also covers social reform, Jim Crow, and evangelistic and recreational activities of the Gilded Age.

Lesson 16 – Gilded Age Culture: The Arts

Lesson 16 discusses the development of the arts–music, literature, art, architecture, and more–during the Gilded Age.

All American History review page

Part of a 3-page review for Lesson 16

Supplemental Reading


Christy – An excellent book (based on fact) that focuses on every-day life in the Smoky Mountains during the early 1900s, highlighting the superstition and extreme poverty of the people in this region.

There are many more quality book suggestions for this unit in the Teacher’s Guide.

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