All American History Vol. II: Lessons 21-24

All American History Vol. II - Lessons 21-24

World War II was the first historical event to actually catch my interest in high school. Over the years I’ve continued to learn more, especially about the horrific tragedy of the Holocaust.

As Kaylee read about the events of World War II, she developed a deeper interest in the time period, just as I did years ago. In fact, it’s been a challenge to get enough books to satisfy her curiosity! Here’s a look at what she’s learning.

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All American History Vol. II: Lessons 21-24

Lessons 21-24 of All American History Vol. II cover two major U.S. events: The Great Depression and World War II.

Lesson 21 – The Great Depression

Lesson 21 discusses the Great Depression and its effect on American life. It also presents Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and some of the resulting agencies.

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Lesson 22 – Great Depression Family Life and Culture

This lesson covers various aspects of American life during the Great Depression: education, clothing styles, health, recreation, and more. It focuses on the Depression’s impact on the American standard of living.

Lesson 23 – World War II

This lesson covers the military and political aspects 0f World War II, including the development of the Nazi party, the blitzkrieg, Operation Torch, and D-Day. It also mentions the Holocaust (an event that definitely merits more study).

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Lesson 24 – World War II – The American Home Front

Lesson 24 focuses on the impact of World War II on Americans: rationing, war bonds, women entering the workforce, and more. It also covers the sobering consequences of war that were experienced by our country.

Supplemental Reading

I’ve had a hard time keeping up with Kaylee’s requests for more books about the World War II era! These are the seven books that she has read so far (the last one isn’t finished yet).

Tricia Goyer's World War II Series

Tricia Goyer’s WWII Series: From Dust and Ashes, Night Song, Dawn of a Thousand Nights, and Arms of Deliverance – From the struggles of captured POWs to the liberation of a Nazi concentration camp, Tricia Goyer brings World War II to life in her accurate historical fiction. Kaylee especially enjoyed this series!

Forbidden Strawberries

Forbidden Strawberries – In this book, the author shares the story of her life during the Holocaust and what happened to her family and friends who were killed.

Anne Frank

The Diary of a Young Girl – This classic story, told by Anne Frank in her diary, is a must-read for teens who are learning about the Nazi regime and the Holocaust.

Life in a Jar

Life in a Jar: The Irena Sendler Project – This book shares the incredible story of Irena Sendler and her courage in the face of danger. If you haven’t yet discovered who Irena Sendler is, you won’t want to miss her story!

Writing Assignment

Kaylee completed two writing assignments for this unit:

  • A descriptive essay on life in the concentration camps
  • A narrative essay on the life of Anne Frank

This historical period would have been perfect for a full-length research paper, but that’s a project for another year.

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  1. Blessings! says:

    Our son will start into American History in the fall. I look forward to digging into our countires history. Our kids have been introduced to different things in our countries history at different times so I look forward to spending more time in these different historical times. *smile* Thank you for shairing your fun studies with us. Sincerely, Mommy of two growing blessings & so much more!

  2. Are the Liteature recommendations and writting assignments included in the AAH or are those something you put together yourself?