12th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices

12th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

I can hardly believe that our fourth child will be graduating this year! We all talk about how fast this parenting thing goes—how quickly these homeschool years pass—but I’m living it, y’all.

Bittersweet, for sure.

As he enters his senior year, Keaton is actively pursuing alternatives to college. He is currently working full-time as a farm worker and has already earned a high school credit in animal husbandry.

Keaton is opting to combine his last two years of high school in order to graduate a year early. His resulting course load is somewhat heavier than I typically expect for 12th grade, but still manageable, even with his busy work schedule.

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Our 12th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Choices


Because Keaton doesn’t need advanced math courses for his chosen path, we decided to go with a personal finance math course, Math-U-See Stewardship. This course covers practical real-life math topics, such as banking, taxes, and budgeting.


Keaton will be focusing heavily on writing this year. I have to admit I’ve slacked on this subject the last few years as I’ve struggled with health issues, and I’m scrambling now to cover as much territory as possible.

During the first semester, Keaton will be finishing Student Writing Intensive from Institute for Excellence in Writing. This DVD-based course focuses on writing structure and style on the paragraph level. I’ve found it very helpful in building skills in my reluctant writers.

After completing Student Writing Intensive, Keaton will be taking an online essay writing course, Essay Rock Star. Two of my older children have taken the Essay Rock Star course, and I just can’t recommend it highly enough! (See Devin’s expository essay.)

In addition to writing, Keaton will also be studying vocabulary. I have been very impressed with the Vocabu-Lit series we discovered last year, and we are continuing with it this year.

American History

All of my kids love the worktext format of School of Tomorrow’s PACEs, and Keaton is no exception. This year he will be using American History PACEs. I really like the looks of the new 4th edition!

Ideally I would supplement the PACEs with related biographies and historical fiction, but I don’t expect to be able to fit the extra reading in this year.

12th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

American Government

Keaton will also be using School of Tomorrow’s U.S. Civics PACEs for a 1/2 credit in American government. Honestly, I find these PACEs rather dry and boring, but I haven’t found anything else that suits my kids’ independent learning style.

Have suggestions? Send them my way!


Last year we reviewed Principles and Precepts of Economics from Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum. I was so impressed with how interesting and understandable the course was! With its worktext format (very similar to PACEs), I feel it will be a perfect fit for Keaton this year.

PA History

Keaton will be rounding out his prior PA history studies with the Keystones 2 course by Susan Kemmerer. This literature-based state history study is a nice change of pace from the workbooks that we normally rely on.


Keaton will be finishing the last 6 Old Testament Survey PACEs this year. He worked through the first 6 PACEs last year. (I prefer to divide this course into 2 years because of the large amount of Bible reading required.)

He will also be completing Journey Through the Bible (Book 3) for an additional arts & humanities credit. I just discovered the Journey Through the Bible series last year, and I highly recommend it. Book 3 covers the New Testament, rounding out Keaton’s study of the Bible nicely.

What Comes Next?

At the end of the homeschool year, we will apply for Keaton’s official high school diploma. Woohoo! We’ll also throw a fun graduation party and have his senior pictures taken.

Keaton will have the option of a “real” graduation ceremony, if he would like one. None of our other children have been interested in a ceremony—they were all about the party! But, hey, there’s a first time for everything, right?

After all the celebrating, Keaton will continue working at the farm while he explores his options. We will, of course, continue to support him and help him to obtain any education or training that he desires to increase his opportunities in the future.

And with that, another new adult will have entered the world…and a homeschool mother’s memories will be tucked away and cherished forever.

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  1. Sounds like a great plan for his final year! So excited to see what he has in store for him.

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