Meaningful Hymn Study

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Everything you need to help your children learn the words 
and understand the meaning of the best-loved hymns of all time

Five spiral-bound hymn study units

About the Meaningful Hymn Study Series


Meaningful Hymn Study is a series of hymn study units designed especially for Christian homeschool families. These hymn studies are truly no-prep resources—just print off the pages you want to use and get started right away!

everything you need to get started right away!

  • Brief hymn history
  • Hymn lyrics
  • Printable sheet music
  • Listening links
  • Vocabulary words
  • Review questions
  • Copywork pages
  • Notebooking pages
  • Related Scripture to memorize

What’s inside a Meaningful Hymn Study?

Hymn History

One or two pages telling about the life of the author and the circumstances surrounding the writing of the hymn

Two printable pages with the title "Hymn History"

Hymn Lyrics & Sheet Music

Full hymn lyrics and printable sheet music for easy reference as you learn the hymn

Printable pages of hymn lyrics and sheet music

Vocabulary Study

List of vocabulary words taken directly from the hymn (with definitions), with printable vocabulary worksheets in two line sizes:

  • Triple lines
  • Wide rule

Printable vocabulary study pages

Copywork Pages

The entire hymn in copywork format, with pages in four styles:

  • Triple lines with manuscript font
  • Triple lines with cursive font
  • Wide rule with manuscript font
  • Wide rule with cursive font

Five sample hymn copywork pages in various styles

Notebooking Pages

Printable notebooking pages with pictures of the hymn’s author and composer, in two line styles:

  • Triple lines
  • Wide rule

Two notebooking pages for the hymn "What a Friend We Have in Jesus"

Other Learning Activities

  • Review questions with answers
  • Related Bible verse to memorize (with printable copywork pages)
  • Listening links to both vocal and instrumental versions of the hymn

Four Bible verse copywork pages and a page of review questions


What OTHERS Are Saying About Meaningful Hymn Study

“I love your hymn unit study! It has everything I was looking for!”

“Thank you so much, I’m starting to fall in love with this hymn study.”

“This is an INCREDIBLE resource!!!! I’ve been looking at hymn study recently and couldn’t find one that had the hymns I really wanted to start with–and then I found yours. Coming from a teacher, this is a work of art. Thank you so much!!! We are going to LOVE doing this!!”

Sample hymn study pages spread out randomly