Using Scripture Lullabies to Teach God’s Word

Little girl's hands holding CDs

Teaching God’s Word to Little Ones

Sometimes I think we parents tend to underestimate the ability of our little ones to memorize Scripture and Bible-based songs. I’ve been surprised over and over at the ability of two- and three-year-olds to memorize songs, verses, and even math facts that they pick up from listening in on their older siblings’ homeschool time.

Kendra, my two-year-old, is in a learning stage where she seems to absorb new information by osmosis. She has memorized the Bible verse, “Be ye kind one to another,” and is currently learning a short piece for our church’s Christmas program.

What is most amazing, though, is how easily she learns new songs. When she goes to Sunday school class each Sunday morning, she always requests “that growing song,” her name for the children’s song “Read Your Bible, Pray Every Day.” And yes, she actually sings along with the other children!

I feel responsible to take advantage of this early learning ability and use it to fill my little girl’s heart with God’s Word. I’ve been more intentional in this area with Kendra than with any of my older children.

Because music is one of the key avenues through which young children learn, we are using Scripture Lullabies to help Kendra hear and hide God’s Word in her heart.

Little girl holding Scripture Lullaby CDs

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Introducing Scripture Lullabies

Scripture Lullabies, a division of BreakAway Music, has combined Scripture with soothing lullaby music to offer unique music for all ages.

The music itself is absolutely beautiful and crystal clear. Most children would find it a calming background for settling into bed at night or naptime.

In addition to the relaxing music, comforting words based on Scripture are sung by both male and female vocalists. The singing has a slightly modern flair but is very quiet and restful.

Listen for yourself:

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Special Note: One out of every ten Scripture Lullabies CDs is donated to Pregnancy Resource Centers across the United States, so your purchase will also help someone else who needs comfort and encouragement.

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  1. Carlie Kercheval says:

    Great review, Judy! These would be PERFECT for my niece for a Christmas gift 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s beautiful! I love it.