Lil’ Fishys: Super Fun Fish Toys for Kids

Young children playing with motorized Lil Fishys toys

My children have never had a huge assortment of toys. We tend to focus on things that can be used in a variety of ways—Legos, K’Nex, Lincoln logs, miniature cars, dolls and accessories—and avoid the pricey toy fads.

Recently, though, our three little ones fell in love with some really awesome fish toys that meet my criteria of being both versatile and affordable.

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Lil’ Fishys: Super Fun Fish Toys for Kids

Lil’ Fishys has created a fun collection of motorized water fish that my kids absolutely LOVE! They are having so much fun with their new “pets”—all without having to feed the fish or clean the fishbowl!

When we received our box of Lil’ Fishys, Weston and Kenra were so excited that they could hardly wait to open it. Even Kiera got in on the fun!

Kids unboxing new motorized fish toys

And they only got MORE excited as they pulled fish after fish out of the box! I actually made a quick trip to the store for batteries that same day so they wouldn’t have to wait any longer to play with their Lil’ Fishys.

Young brother and sister with packages of Lil Fishys toys

Lil’ Fishys are incredibly fun to watch and play with! They don’t just move through the water like a typical motorized toy. No way!

Child's hands holding Lil' Fishys motorized fish toy

Lucky has a jointed body so he appears to flex his body as he swims, just like a real fish does! His tail section can also be adjusted according to the depth of the water, allowing him to swim and dive realistically in different depths.

Young brother and sister watching motorized fish toys swimming in fishbowl

Our entire family loved watching Lucky and his friend swimming around the fishbowl. The fishbowl comes with a sticker set to make it look like a realistic fish habitat, but the kids were to excited to wait for that. In fact, even my teens suggested that I get MORE Lil’ Fishys!

Toddler girl with hands in water in fishbowl

Don’t let the word “motorized” scare you. The moving parts are safely enclosed inside the fish’s body, making it perfectly safe for children ages 4 and up to enjoy with minimal supervision.

Young brother and sister playing with motorized fish toys in fishbowl

These fun fish toys aren’t just limited to a fishbowl or aquarium, either! They are amazingly fun in the bathtub—try them in the pool, too!

Young sisters playing with fish toys in bathtub

I really cannot put into words how much fun our kids have had with their motorized fish. Our friends love them, too! I highly recommend Lil’ Fishys for hours of water fun!

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