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MP3 player and ear buds lying on a CD case

During the last few weeks I have been enjoying my first experience with Jim Hodges Audio Books. What a treasure for homeschooling families, especially those with auditory learners!

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About Jim Hodges Audio Books

Jim Hodges has a large collection of historical audio books available. Among these recordings are eighteen books by G.A. Henty. The Henty books are noted for their historical accuracy, Christian worldview, and rich vocabulary, making these audio books a valuable tool for homeschooling families.

Mr. Hodges has done a superb job of bringing the Henty books to life. His voice is pleasant and clear, and he skillfully presents each character in a unique voice which makes it easy to follow the story line of the book. The excellent sound quality and convenient MP3 format make the audio books a pleasure to use.

Advantages of Using Jim Hodges Audio Books to Learn History

  • Listening to audio books is an enjoyable way to learn, even while traveling, doing chores, or having afternoon “quiet time.”
  • Audio books provide a rich learning experience for auditory learners or students with reading difficulties.
  • The historical books by G.A. Henty can help you teach history, geography, language, and character.
  • Many of the Henty audio books have a downloadable vocabulary guide available to extend learning.
  • The audio books are available in MP3 format, either as a CD or an immediate download–perfect for adding to your child’s MP3 player.
  • A helpful Scope and Sequence is available, listing all the historical recordings by time period and recommended grade level.
MP3 player and ear buds lying on a CD case

How We Are Benefiting from Jim Hodges Audio Books

My son is a strong auditory learner. Although he is a good reader, the process of reading tends to hinder his retention of the material. In fact, it is not uncommon for him to finish reading and be unable to answer a single question about what he has read.

For this reason I actually read most of his textbooks aloud to him, discussing the concepts as we go. Having the content read to him frees his mind to process the facts and concepts covered.

The Henty books would be difficult reading for my son, so I was excited to introduce him to these audio versions. After he had listened to about three hours of With Lee in Virginia, I decided it was time to find out how things were going. I was thrilled to find that he was able to recall events and details with ease.

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